Academic Requirements

The entry requirement for a Certificate III level course with Axial International College is an Australian Year 10 qualification or equivalent. Entry to Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses requires a Year 12 qualification or equivalent.

The following international education achievement levels are equivalent to Year 10 and 12 in Queensland, Australia.

Country Year 10 Year 12



  • Diploma de Ensino Medio (Year 10 equivalent)
  • Diploma de Ensino Medio
  • Diploma de Técnico de Nivel Medio
  • IB Diploma



  • Educacion Media (Year 10 or Year 11 equivalent)
  • Licencia de Educación Media (Certificate of Secondary Education Certificate)
  • Licencia de Educación Media Técnico-Profesional (Certificate of Technical-Vocational Secondary Education)
  • IB Diploma



  • Successful completion of Senior Grade 2 (which is equivalent to Australian Year 11) with reasonable results of more than 60% pass in academic subjects such as Maths, English, Science.
  • 3 years Senior Middle School (Academic, Technical or Vocational) with reasonable results of more than 60% pass in academic subjects such as Maths, English, Science
  • IB Diploma



  • Bachillerato Upper Secondary Schooling (Year 11 equivalent)



  • Successful completion of one year study towards the Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Lukion Paastotodistus) with 5 as the minimum pass mark
  • Senior Secondary School Certyificate (Lukion Paastotodistus)
  • Initial Vocation qualification (Ammatillinen perustutkinto)



  • Completion of Year 10/2de Senior Secondary School/ Lycées General et Technologique

  • Completion of Year 10 Vocational Senior Secondary School/ Lycées Professionnel
  • Baccalauréat Général - General Baccalaureate
  • Baccalauréat Technologique - Technological Baccalaureate
  • Baccalauréat Professionnel - Vocational Baccalaureate
  • IB Diploma



  • Realshule or Hauptschule
  • Completion of 4 years of Gymnasium

Hong Kong


  • HKDSE Senior High School Year 1
  • Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education
  • IB Diploma



  • Year 10 - All India Secondary School Certificate, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, Secondary School Certificate
  • Senior School Certificate - awarded by the Central Board of Secondary Education - 4 Academic: English must be at 70% or above other 3 Subjects each 65% or above



  • Junior Secondary School Certificate of Completion plus 1 year Senior Secondary School
  • Certificate of Completion of Senior Secondary Education (Ijazah SMA or Surat Tanda Tamat Belajar: Sekolah Menengah Atas - STTB: SMA) issued by the school
  • IB Diploma



  • 2nd year of Senior Secondary School
  • Diploma liceale - Marked on a scale of 0-100 (maximum), with 60 the minimum pass mark
  • Before 2010- Diploma di superamento dell'esame di stato conclusivo dei corsi di istruzione secondaria superiore (Upper secondary school leaving certificate)
  • IB Diploma



  • 1 year Upper Secondary

  • Lower Secondary (Chugakko Sotsugyo Sho) plus 1 year further study

  • Certificate Upper Secondary School Certificate of Graduation
  • IB Diploma



  • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysian SPM (4 subject passes)
  • Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) (4 subject passes)
  • IB Diploma



  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC)
  • School Leaving Certificate + Higher Secondary Certificate - Grade average of 65 and above for grade 11 and 12 results (combined for final results)
  • School Leaving Certificate + Proficiency Certificate - Grade average of 65 and above for grade 11 and 12 results (combined for final results)



  • VitnemÃ¥l fra grunnskolen (Certificate from Basic School) plus 1 year at upper secondary school
  • Vitnemal fra den videregaende skolen (Certificate from upper secondary school)

Papua New Guinea


  • School Certificate (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) (4 C grades)


  • Certificate of Graduation /High School Diploma 
  • High School Diploma  plus 1 years Post-Secondary School
  • or 2 years any Bachelor Degree
  • IB Diploma


  • Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCEO-level) (minimum 4 D grades)
  • Singapore/Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Certificate with grade 'E' or higher in 2 Advanced Level subjects and 3 Ordinary Level subjects.
  • Completion of a Technician Diploma/Certificate from a Polytechnic
  • IB Diploma

South Korea

  • 1year Senior High School
  • Ilbankye Kodung Hakkyo (General Senior High School Certificate)
  • IB Diploma


  • Graduado en Educación Secundaria Obligatoria (Lower Secondary CompulsoryEducation Certificate)
  • Título de Bachiller/Bachillerato (Baccalaureate)
  • IB Diploma


  • Slutbetyg frÃ¥n Grundskola (Leaving Certificate) plus 1 year UpperSecondary
  • Swedish Secondary School Certificate (Slutbetyg FrÃ¥n Gymnasieskola)
  • IB Diploma


  • Senior High School (1st or 2nd Year)
  • Senior High School Diploma or Senior Vocational School Diploma
  • IB Diploma


  • Upper Secondary School (Matayom 5/ Matayom 4)
  • Thailand Certificate of Secondary Education (Matayom 6 or MS 6)
  • IB Diploma


  • Successful completion of Year 11 with a 6.0 GPA
  • Upper Secondary Education Graduation Diploma (Bang Tot nghiep Trung hoc Pho thong) - with a 7.0 GPA
  • IB Diploma

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